A wonderful thing happened to Jon Ward at the end of 2006.

After working for big downtown law firms where he conscientiously fulfilled his annual billable hour requirement, he was given a very large Christmas bonus.

He knew this extra money was his opportunity to jump ship and start his own solo law firm where he would work for injured people who struggled with unfair insurance settlements.

He rented a small office and set up shop. Once his professional legal network heard his news, he began getting many cases referred to him and he was off and running.

In 2010 he purchased an office space to expand his practice into and in 2013 he moved again to his current City Park location.

Jon and his Law Firm have settled many cases for many satisfied clients. Check out his client success stories.

If you have been injured, we will help you get back.


easy to work with...

- Michelle M.

Jon and everyone were easy to work with, friendly and efficient. Their compassion was transparent. I would definitely recommend to others.
fast and helpful...

- Hassan O.

I appreciate your help. Your firm is fast and helpful. I will recommend you to any friend or family that need a future attorney.
very personal relationship...

- Clayton C.

I believe Jon Ward's legal team is one of the very few who really cares about your well being in all areas. This law firm is one of a kind.
beyond my expectations...

- Alberto N.

I was treated with the utmost of professionalism. The whole team went beyond my expectations and guided me well through the full process.